With our busy, hectic lives, sometimes it’s difficult to find time to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing and search engine optimization landscape.

The SEO Drewsletter is changing that.

Every Friday, The SEO Drewsletter will recap the latest and most important digital marketing news and SEO trends of the week—all in an engaging and right-to-the-point format (less than 5 minutes to be exact).

The best part? It’s available as a Flash Briefing on your Amazon Alexa device.

The SEO Drewsletter is updated every Thursday night, so start your Friday morning right by getting caught up with the latest SEO news and digital marketing trends. Simply enable The SEO Drewsletter, and say “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?” or “Alexa, what’s in the news?”


What is an Amazon Alexa Skill?

An Alexa Skill is basically an app for your Amazon Alexa device. You can search for different skills on Amazon where you can enable Skills to be used on your device. No matter what you’re interested in (testing your knowledge with Jeopardy Trivia, expanding your vocabulary with the Word of the Day, or even listening to your favorite team’s broadcast with MLB at Bat), you can enable skills to customize your Amazon Alexa device with the content you are most interested in.


How do I Listen to The SEO Drewsletter?

  1. Visit the Amazon Alexa Skills Store.
  2. Search for The SEO Drewsletter.
  3. Click “Enable” button.
  4. Ask Alexa: “What’s my flash briefing?” or “What’s in the news?”


How do I Listen to The SEO Drewsletter without Alexa? 

You can listen to The SEO Drewsletter by downloading an app called Reverb for Amazon Alexa, an app that allows you to use Amazon Alexa on your phone (this is a great way to test out Alexa without buying it).

  1. Download Reverb for Alexa.
  2. Download the Amazon Alexa app.
  3. Open Reverb for Alexa.
  4. Press Alexa with your finger, and say: “Enable The SEO Drewsletter.”
  5. Ask Alexa: “What’s my flash briefing?” or “What’s in the news?”

The SEO Drewsletter audio and transcript is also available as a blog post every week to keep you up-to-date on the latest SEO trends and digital marketing news.


When Will The SEO Drewsletter be Updated?

The SEO Drewsletter will be updated every Thursday night. The best time to listen to The SEO Drewsletter is every Friday morning during your daily morning routine.


Why Make an Alexa Skill Instead of a Podcast? 

It’s all about reducing friction between you and consuming the content you want. By using an Alexa Skill or Flash Briefing, you’re only one voice command away from consuming the content that you’re interested in.

Instead of having to fumble to your phone or browse the internet on your desktop to consume the latest digital marketing news and SEO trends, you simply can wake up in the morning, make your coffee, and ask Alexa: “What’s my flash briefing?”

It’s about saving you the time, and Alexa Skills and Flash Briefings do just that.


Ready to Get Started? 

Want to get caught up with weekly SEO news and digital marketing trends? Enable The SEO Drewsletter today, and ask Alexa: “What’s my flash briefing?” If you have any questions, please contact Drew online, and he’ll assist you with any concerns or problems you may have.