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What’s up, everyone?  Welcome to the latest addition of The SEO Drewsletter, your dedicated Alexa Skill for the latest SEO and digital marketing news. I’m Drew Marlier, your local SEO Alexa Skillionaire, and  this is The SEO Drewsletter for the week:


From basically every email in your inbox on Friday:

GDPR Goes into Effect on May 25, 2018

Unless you’ve completely avoided your email inbox within the last week, you noticed at least one email regarding privacy policy changes due to GDPR.

But what is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This is a new policy that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the European Union. This allows people of the EU to have better control over their personal data and assurances that their data is being secured.

The new regulation highlights eight rights:

  1. The right to access
  2. The right to be forgotten
  3. The right to data portability
  4. The right to be informed
  5. The right to have information corrected
  6. The right to restrict processing
  7. The right to object
  8. The right to be notified

If you want to learn more about GDPR, check out this brief video below that outlines everything you need to know about GDPR.  


From Search Engine Land:

Yelp-led group’s new video appeals to Google employees to advocate for internal change

Yelp recently filed a private antitrust complaint against Google with the European Commission, and now it’s trying to appeal to Google’s own employees to create changes from within the company.

Yelp created a video called “Focus on the User,” which makes these points:

  • Google is an essential tool to organize and access online information.
  • It is not applying its own algorithm to its local content.
  • The health of the internet economy depends on Google not exempting its own content from the algorithm.
  • Making Google’s local content compete with third-party content in the OneBox is an antitrust solution.
  • Google employees should advocate for this internally.

Although this is unlikely to motivate any Google employees to “take action,” it is having a PR effect on the company.


From Search Engine Roundtable:

Fourth Batch Of Google Mobile First Index Notices

We continue to follow Google switching sites over to mobile-first indexing, and as Search Engine Roundtable reports, the fourth wave was completed on May 27, 2018.

Webmasters: Make sure you check your inbox to see if your site has officially switched over to mobile-first indexing.


Other digital marketing tidbits:



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