Drew Marlier

Content Marketer. SEO Specialist. Voice Search Enthusiast.

Who’s Drew? The SEO Drewsletter

Content Marketer

He’s obsessed with advanced keyword tactics to find what queries users are searching for and capitalizing on those opportunities.

SEO Specialist

He’s a master of all things search engine optimization: from keyword research to SEO audits and everything in between.

Voice Search Enthusiast

He’s dedicated to mastering the art of the voice search space and how it’s changing the search game and everyday life.

Who’s Drew?

He’s all the above. He’s a content marketer, an SEO specialist, and a voice search enthusiast.

Through keeping up with trends and his hunger to grow in the digital marketing industry, Drew provides the ideal combination for an SEO specialist. He keeps tabs on the latest news with The SEO Drewsletter and uses expert strategies to help businesses gain an edge over their competitors.

No matter what your business or industry, Drew is ready to take your business or agency to the next level with the latest digital marketing theories, strategies, and tactics. Contact Drew today to find out how Drew can help your business or agency grow in the digital landscape.

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